March 2021 — Brief Update on Pod Work

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The past few months have been challenging for this accountability work. Not only have we, as a nation, been going through many changes, but we have also been doing ongoing work with Charlie. Additionally, the pod and our consultant have continued taking care to honor the needs of those who have been harmed and have been in touch with us while trying to also accommodate our individual and fluctuating capacities. In order to be as transparent and precise as possible, we will be taking some additional time to put together a full report of the happenings. We acknowledge the outward reporting — for a variety of reasons — has taken a longer time than any of us hoped or expected, and how that has contributed to a lack of outward knowledge of what’s been going on, in ways that have enabled further silence and harm. For now, this post is a brief summary to inform interested parties and the public of the areas of our work together.

Since September 2020, the pod has worked on:

  • Disclosing the specifics of new reports of harm and requests for accountability from Charlie.
  • Addressing the pattern of Charlie minimizing his accountability work with established and incoming clients.
  • Revamping client onboarding processes.
  • Advising Charlie in the creation of a personal code of ethics for client work.
  • Addressing patterns of evasion, minimizing, deflection, and resilience in receiving reports of harm.
  • Assessing pod and consultant roles and dynamics within this work.
  • Processing the impact on the pod and consultant once some of Charlie’s harmful patterns re-emerged multiple times in our work together.
  • Creating a roadmap for future short and long term steps in the process.

In the forthcoming detailed summary of our work we plan to include metrics and specific details from mid- September — March 2021, picking up where our previous update left off. As always, we welcome any comments, clarifying questions, and feedback you may have about our work and Charlie’s accountability process.