How We Fulfilled Requests, Part 10 of 10

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This post (10 of 10) is a portion of our larger report on “How We Have Fulfilled Requests of People Who Have Reported Harm.” Follow this link for an introduction to our terminology, how we facilitated and organized requests, and for a table of contents for each request. (INSERT LINK)

Accountability Request 10:

To put survivors in contact with one another.

One Respondent requested we release to them the contact information of other survivors (Respondents) so they could be in contact with one another. We expressed that, were we to fulfill this request exactly as asked, we would be violating our ethics as well as the confidentiality requests of the other Respondents. In an effort to collaborate, we offered to serve as intermediaries, contacting other Respondents on this survivor’s behalf to see if they wished to be in touch. We also offered to share their contact information or set up alternative contact methods and invited collaboration to seek additional solutions. We did not receive consent to take action on any of our suggestions, and without affirmative consent, we were not comfortable moving forward with the request as made. At this time, no other Respondent has expressed interest in being put in touch with other individuals harmed by Charlie through our accountability process.

In July 2021, the Franklin Veaux Survivor Pod (FVSP) (which is a different group focused on Franklin Veaux, an educator who caused harm in his community) shared an open letter on behalf of an individual harmed by Charlie. This open letter (now deleted, but we’re preserving the link since we originally drafted this section when it was live/online) includes an email address for other survivors to connect with this individual if they so choose. This Harmed Individual asked that we share the open letter with our Respondents as well as repost the letter on our Medium site. As we support our Respondents connecting and providing mutual support if they so choose, we honored these two requests. On July 27, 2021, we shared the link to the letter with our Respondents via email and posted the link via Medium.

The FVSP also asked that each pod member and our consultant share their open letter on our personal social media pages. We take great care to compile and address pod-related feedback and communications and have set up multiple avenues of community engagement: our Medium page, our narrative collection form, and the pod’s email account. Many of us have little to no public social media presence, and sharing details related to this pod process on our private social media spaces was not part of our initial commitments to this process. So, we have chosen to continue using our pod’s Medium site as our primary means of communication and engagement.

Those with requests for Charlie and the pod can continue to reach the pod members at These emails are not shared with Charlie or any other individuals without the express permission of the sender.

Follow this link for an introduction to our reporting on requests and a table of contents for each request.