• Rick Washburn

    Rick Washburn

  • Leela Sinha

    Leela Sinha

    More love, less conflict. Interpersonal/systems speaker & coach. Pleasure helps you do everything better. Faith aware, queer, kink aware, unabashedly liberal.

  • Heather


    Handy Sorting labels: opinionated, hopeful, feminist, loves, femme, geek, purposeful. Liberal with the cussing & misspelling; follower discretion advised.

  • Johnna Higgins

    Johnna Higgins

  • Eli Heina Dadabhoy

    Eli Heina Dadabhoy

    [ee-lie hee-na dad-uh-boy] Blogger, cat foster, and all-around Person Who Says Stuff.

  • Sasha Sagan

    Sasha Sagan

  • A.V. Flox

    A.V. Flox

    Author of Disrupting the Bystander, a primer on what neuroscience can teach us about supporting one another and transforming ourselves.

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